'Third' Sundays

We extend to you a very warm invitation to our ‘Third’ Sunday Parish Eucharist!

Our aim on this ‘Third’ Sunday is to provide, in a slightly less formal context, something for all ages and all stages of the Christian faith.

‘Eucharist’ is a Greek word which means ‘thanksgiving’. It has been used by the Church since the very earliest times. It reminds us of the night when Jesus was betrayed and arrested. On that night, he took bread and wine and gave thanks over them, just as we do as the central action of our Sunday liturgy here to-day. As he gave the bread to his disciples he said, “This is my body.” When he gave them the wine, he said, “This is my blood”. So at the celebration of the Eucharist we have a share in Christ’s continuing presence in the world. We take him to ourselves.

Christ is present now through his Holy Spirit, the Spirit which came down on him in the form of a dove.

The candles you will see in church remind us of Christ’s presence as light. The crosses you will see at All Saints’ serve to remind us that Jesus gave up his life for us, for the forgiveness of our sins.

As we do every Sunday, we hear his message through the words of scripture in the Bible readings.

We make our prayers together with Christians all over the world. We invite you to make your prayers with us on our ‘Third’ Sunday.

Since Sunday School happens during the school terms only, it may also happen on a ‘Third’ Sundays; please check the termly Sunday School schedule; as always, we very much hope that the Sunday School children, their parents and members of the Sunday School team will join the Sunday congregation at 10 o’clock when there is no Sunday School.


On the ‘Third’ Sunday, our 1000 Parish Eucharist takes a shorter & less formal shape. COME & SEE!




No ‘Third Sunday’ in August

18 September

25th Sunday in O/T

16 October

29th Sunday in O/T

6 November

32nd Sunday in O/T

11 December

Advent III: Gaudete Sunday